Monday, 16 May 2011


im pos si ble
1. Incapable of having existence or of occurring.
2. Not able of being accomplished: an impossible goal.

"Impossible"... I have heard this word counltess times in my life. Definitely one of the most popular, well spread words. It's like a bitter candy in people's mouths or a sweet excuse for weak hearts. Sometimes, you hear it from the others as an obvious answer/comment to what you are suggesting.

For example: -"...and I might be nominated for an Oscar..."
                     -" Common, that's impossible!"

Some other times (and that's the most dangerous case), you say it to yourself.

For example: -"...and as I will be drinking my martini, sunbathing in my villa in Miami..."
                     -" Oh, hold on...that's impossible!"

I am using random examples, just to get to the point. On second thought, I could have used some others, deeper and more meaningful ones. Next time, I might come up with that of the man who was in a wheelchair and within a year, he walked again, started training hard and managed to compete in a Decathlon challenge! That would have been a more inspiring example indeed. Probably, I'm an ambitious. materialistic (but deep down sensitive) girl and I'm afraid, there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway... "IM-possible". How can anyone allow a tiny little prefix to determine their lives? Why keep feeding so generously the rational, pragmatic side of our minds and let the other side (yes, I'm referring to the dreaming one) starve? I just can't imagine life without dreaming, fighting, moving...that's all. And I'm really surprised how so many people do so. Giving up their dreams and goals, just because "common, that's impossible". As if they have a second chance to try again. I'm not questioning now if there is life after death, that's a huge subject and obviously no one (including me) has an answer. And if anyone claims that they know for sure what's happening after life (or after death, I'm not sure which one is right), I'm sorry to say, but that's ridiculous. To put it mildly...

Life is what's happening now and that's all that matters. And as we only live once (let's take that for granted, as there are not other options really), it is better to make the best of it, I say. Being positive might be one of the most difficult things to achieve, but I have realised that when you get it, even the most tightly closed door will open for you. Without even having to push or knock. All you have to do is throw all these "impossible" rubbish out of the window first.

We are all born with a spark of madness and gradually we cover it under a more convenient rational suit, until it becomes dust and disappears in the closet of lost dreams.

I don't know why I'm saying all these. Maybe because I have been questioning myself lately, thinking if all this effort is worth it.  And then... And then I made a gin and tonic, with fresh lime of course. And then I took a deep breath. And then I stopped questioning or doubting. I'm just moving forward, never giving up. And that's it.

im pos si ble
1. One of the worst enemies of humans. Attacks insidiously people's hearts and eats them slowly. Usually accompanied by fear.
2. Extremely lethal to dreams.

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  1. Dreamers are suffering in this world. Thankfully a teacher of mine reminded me that " Anything is possible". Thank you Thomas.