Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Broccoli on steam and then chocolate cake

Broccoli on steam and then chocolate cake / gym and then a cigarette to "digest" the sit ups / green tea (or at least Earl Gray) and then neat votka (ok let's not make it hardcore, maybe with a bit of tonic) /  bright pink and then elegant black / Tarkovsky's Sacrifice and then Sex and the City 2 / Dostoevky's Crime and Punishment and then Cosmopolitan (focusing on articles about sex and hmm...horoscope, although yes, I don't believe in this crap)... I can carry on forever, always loved contrasts in life.

You are in the bus and around you there is a whole society sample, like a miniature of the world. From the approximately 47 year old lady with huge red nails who is reading with religious devotion the Sun, to the teenager who is wearing his massively baggy pants soooo low that you have established every little detail of his boxer and from the hard working mother with the usually non-stop screaming baby in the high-tech pushchair, to the guy who has more tattoos than hair on his body.

Contrasts are everywhere, either in your own life or in the world. We just have to accept them, I guess. Why even fighting the fact that you  genuinely want to see the cheapest, tastless reality show on tv? If you feel like watching it, then so be it. No need for further explanations and in depth analysis. By the way, I am not talking personally now. I am not a fan of reality shows...ok I might have watched once and ok...the tv was on and I happened to be there...ok I am justifying myself now. But that's my point. I've been thinking that we tend to hide or justify our little pleasures or actions that don't match to our character or to whatever image we are showing.

And after these little thoughts, I am definitely eating that last piece of this shockingly delicious bunnofee pie which is still in my fridge. After all, I did go to the gym today and I haven't eaten a sweet for...oh...I am just gonna eat it.


  1. Bunnofee pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I read everything and I loved everything, well to be exact the is just one thing that I actually hate and that is bunnofee pie i 'd rather have a divine chocalte cake, just like the one i amke and you still haven't tried. Your lose...