Sunday, 30 October 2011

If a butterfly...

If I hadn't missed the train this morning (and kept swearing at my bad luck and cursing Nothern line, because I was going to be late at work again, second time this week and I shouldn't, because my boss had suggested me for promotion and instead of being punctual, I' m late AGAIN and...all these "the world is coming to an end" thoughts bombarding my mind which obviously is not functioning properly at 7.30am), so yes... If I hadn't missed the train this morning, I wouldn't have bumped into that old friend who I hadn't seen for two years, due to the loss of my mobile phone and all my contacts etc...

If I wasn't rejected from that audition (which no matter what any actor says, it always hurts, despite the whole "life coaching" support you get from all these extremely patient friends that chose to be your friends before you decided to become an actor and now it is too late to change their minds, from your parents who love you even if you commit a crime or from your personal councelor if you can afford one), I wouldn't be available for the filming I am doing now.

If I couldn't be bothered to go to that birthday party, I wouldn't have met my partner. If I hadn't looked outside the window while sitting on the bus, I wouldn't have seen the 70% mid season sales in that shop. If I had walked through that path at 22.45pm, I would have been raped and bitten up. If I had been on that plane, I would be dead... Ok, let's not get too serious. My point is, life is full of random events. coincidences, crossing paths. Life is full of "if"s. It is almost as if we are some kind of breathing marionettes whose strings are being pulled by a super human force or our lives are a simple reaction of unpredictable circumstances and effects. I am sure you've heard about the butterfly effect. A hurricane in Florida might occur if a butterfly flaps its wings in China.

So...what are we supposed to do?

With my simple mind, I choose not to bother that much about the butterfly. How can I let an insect (no matter how beautiful it is) to control my life? I still believe we do make our own luck. A huge amount of faith, hard work and positive attitude is required for sure. And like that, you move on. And if things don't go the way you'd planned to (probably because a restless butterfly couldn't keep its f*** arse still), then you just have to accept that and re-adjust and move on. And if everything goes completely wrong (probably a bunch of butterflies going crazy), then you just have to take a deep breath, wait until the storm is over, re-adjust and move on. And this is how you do actually create your own luck and make your life. Not by ignoring or underestimating the power of the life itself, but by holding on to your will power, remaining strong and never giving up.

Someone could always say "Man makes plans and God laughs". Well, it's always good to make someone laugh anyway.