Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing well and had a good year.

First of all, I totally understand how busy you must be this time of the year.

We are too many people. Children have priority of course, following by good Samaritans, adults with issues and troubled childhood etc... And then, the rest of us. The "somehow normal" ones who individually believe that we are unique. I'll get to the point, because this is what I always do, plus I know you have no time.

Regarding my last year requests, with all due respect dear Santa, I'm not sure you' ve got it right. No, I'm not complaining. Someone once said that those who complain are definitely unsexy and in no way do I  wish to lose my sex appeal. But, I wouldn't be totally mad to ask (as I do every year hmmm...) for the following simple package of  "Success-Love-Money", would I?...

1. Success: You know, Santa, some people have dreams and are very hard working, sooooo.... success doesn't sound really absurd, does it?

2. Love: Ok, that's a huge issue, I know. I'm not going to elaborate on that. I'm just kindly asking you to send me someone who I admire and makes me laugh and supports me. Not too much really. And oh, there has to be also a certain sexual chemistry with this someone. Let's be honest Santa, if you are not satisfied in your bed, how can you be satisfied in your everyday life? I won't get carried away with the importance of good sex right now, because it is slightly irrelevant.

3. Money: Common, Santa, please don't tell me money doesn't bring happiness. I bet whoever said that, must have been a millionaire taking a piss. Better to be miserable with money, than without.

Anyway, forgive me if I took much of your time. I'm sure you've got thousands of letters from children (spoilt or starving ones) to sort out. But, all of us have been children once. And we grew up. And became adults. Still, we want presents. We will always do. Human nature, I guess...

So, please, do take into consideration my requests, dear Santa. And I promise, I'll be a good girl. Actually, I was pretty good this year. Well... there have been some exceptions, but nothing extravagant... well, at least not for my standards... I mean... anyway, I' ve been a good girl this year.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


PS: Love your red outfit! Looking sexy...

Monday, 12 December 2011

Happiness is... well...hmmm...

Happiness. What a word. Over analysed and pursued from everyone. 

And if someone tries to define it, then, there is usually a pause. "Hmmmm...happiness. Well...yes..." and then more pauses and then maybe a witty definition (usually after having endlessly googled the word) comes up.

I don't think I could define happiness using a simple phrase. You are happy when you are satisfied, complete, when you accomplish your goals, when you are in love, when you are free, healthy or just because you bought a nice dress that really makes your bum look fit or because you ate an amazing chocolate cake or because you got vouchers for Boots and oh, what an excellent time to happen as you are completely skint at the moment. or because you invented the perfect way to get joyfully tipsy and not completely wasted (usually this is based on the simple fact of not mixing every drink that comes to your mind, but stick on one).

So, no witty quotes about happiness I am afraid. It is something indefinable for me. Probably because when you are happy, you are not thinking that you are happy. You just feel it. Inside you. And no further explanations or intellectual definitions can describe it precisely. You cannot even say how long happiness lasts. It can be for a few moments (as we usually tend to suppress such a spontaneous feeling and stuff it with concerns, problems and many many thoughts) or it can be a general attitude in life...
A few days ago, I found myself surrounded by ponies. And I couldn't stop smiling. Simply like that. And that was an example of happiness.